As a way to extend the Working Holiday Visa in Australia, I had to do farm work for some months. During this time I stayed at Shearer's Quarters, a working hostel in Griffith, New South Wales. There was absolutely nothing glamorous about this place but having lived here for six months, it was home and as I usually do, I would constantly look for the beauty in places, especially when I am feeling sad or anxious. Every day as I went into the bathroom to take a shower, I would admire the beauty in the color palette and the way the light came in through the windows. 
During these months, those of us staying at the hostel created a family and together we could laugh, cry, vent, gossip, eat, drink, and most importantly love each other. Fabián Andrés was a brother who would always greet me with a genuine smile and a huge hug and would say a lot of very fast things in Chilean Spanish that I did not understand. He is one of the people with the most energy and the biggest hearts in the world. He also made my dream of  a photoshoot in the girls bathroom come true. Fabi is the definition of diva and I am extremely happy to have captured his energy and amazingness :)
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