Ever since I came up with the idea of "Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain in The Holiday" in Tasmania, I knew that eventually Iris Simpkins would have a chance to stay in a house in a big city. My trip through Tasmania was the last trip in my Australia bucket list and I was getting ready to go back home to Miami. However, I was not going directly from Australia to Miami, but instead stopping in Europe for a couple of months. While in Europe, I went to visit a friend in Paris and she asked me if I could please take care of her two cats while she traveled, and of course I said yes. This was my chance to live the life of Amelie Poulin in her city and play the role of Iris, going from a small town to a big city with a huge house to herself. 
Every day I would wake up and ask myself "What is Amelie going to get up to today?" Having lived most of my live in big cities, it came to a surprise that I found myself yearning for the small town atmosphere but enjoyed that anonymity of walking through big cities. During this trip I realized that I am neither Iris nor Amanda but a kind Amelie Poulin who got to live the life of the gnome and travel everywhere and finally realized that I can live anywhere. The only "problem" is, out of all the amazing places in the world, were is Amelie going to choose?
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